My Photographic work tends to hold an editorial stance and focuses on the people and relationships born through underground music culture. The images I produce are highly influenced by my involvement in the independent music scene and deal with ideas of nostalgia, angst and fleeting youth. Perspectives are very important to my work, at all times I am attempting to achieve transparency in order to create a strong legitimacy and honesty to my images. 

The other half of my practice holds a graphic design focus. Influenced but the cut and paste DIY aesthetic and tend to work with bold colors and sharp lines. I have done a wide range of work from album covers to magazine covers and I am always interested in taking on new visual projects. 


If you would like to get together and talk about a photographic or design based project you may want to work on please dont hesitate to contact me. I am also available for event and live photography gigs. 




2011 Alberta College of Art + Design    |    Calgary, AB




2008 Jason Lang Scholarship

2009 Jason Lang Scholarship

2011 4th Year Student Recognition Award




2015    Garbage Daze III, ArtBOX, Calgary AB

2013    Acid Casualties, Lux, Calgary AB

2011    Absence (supporting images), AM Gallery, Brighton UK

2011    Brain Rot, ACAD, Calgary AB

2011    Graduation Show, ACAD, Calgary AB

2011    Here and Now, Hotel Le Germaine, Calgary AB

2011    A Sense of Place, Marion Nicholl Gallery, Calgary AB

2011    Minature show, ACAD, Calgary AB

2011    Vistek Student Showcase, Vistek Gallery, Calgary AB

2010    That Travelling Show, Circulating through 10 North American 

           Universities campus galleries from February through June

2010    You Will Have a Pleasant Suprise Soon, ACAD, Calgary AB

2009    Second Year Photo Show, ACAD, Calgary AB

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