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Garbage Daze III : Thursday

This years Garbage Daze festival in Calgary went great. Tons of rad bands, good parties and different venues. I shot way to many photos and have finally made my way through editing them. Here are some shots from the pre-fest party on Thursday at Sloth records and Texass Lounge. Enjoy.

GD3_thursday_0406_0063 copy.jpg
GD3_thursday_0406_0055 copy.jpg

GD3_thursday_0406_0043 copy.jpg

GD3_thursday_0406_0046 copy.jpg

GD3_thursday_0406_0047 copy.jpg

GD3_thursday_0406_0053 copy.jpg

GD3_thursday_0406_0054 copy.jpg

GD3_thursday_0406_0074 copy.jpg

GD3_thursday_0406_0079 copy.jpg

GD3_thursday_0406_0101 copy.jpg

GD3_thursday_0406_0107 copy.jpg

GD3_thursday_0406_0111 copy.jpg

GD3_thursday_0406_0114 copy.jpg

GD3_thursday_0406_0118 copy.jpg

GD3_thursday_0406_0121 copy.jpg

GD3_thursday_0406_0137 copy.jpg

GD3_thursday_0406_0148 copy.jpg

GD3_thursday_0406_0167 copy.jpg

GD3_thursday_0406_0181 copy.jpg

garbagedaze3_0506_0526 copy.jpg

garbagedaze3_0506_0524 copy.jpg

garbagedaze3_0506_0499 copy.jpg


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