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Garbage Daze III: Saturday Matinee

Some more photos from Garbage Daze. These are images from matinee gig/art show. June 6th 2015 at Artbox in Forest Lawn.

garbagedaze3_0606_0264 copy.jpg

garbagedaze3_0606_0267 copy.jpg

garbagedaze3_0606_0270 copy.jpg

garbagedaze3_0606_0271 copy.jpg

garbagedaze3_0606_0277 copy.jpg

garbagedaze3_0606_0281 copy.jpg

garbagedaze3_0606_0287 copy.jpg

garbagedaze3_0606_0291 copy.jpg

garbagedaze3_0606_0294 copy.jpg

garbagedaze3_0606_0297 copy.jpg

garbagedaze3_0606_0301 copy.jpg

garbagedaze3_0606_0304 copy.jpg

garbagedaze3_0606_0306 copy.jpg

garbagedaze3_0606_0314 copy.jpg

garbagedaze3_0606_0318 copy.jpg

garbagedaze3_0606_0323 copy.jpg

garbagedaze3_0606_0324 copy.jpg

garbagedaze3_0606_0328 copy.jpg

garbagedaze3_0606_0338 copy.jpg

garbagedaze3_0606_0355 copy.jpg
garbagedaze3_0606_0356 copy.jpg

garbagedaze3_0606_0368 copy.jpg

garbagedaze3_0606_0369 copy.jpg

garbagedaze3_0606_0372 copy.jpg

garbagedaze3_0606_0379 copy.jpg

garbagedaze3_0606_0380 copy.jpg

garbagedaze3_0606_0385 copy.jpg

garbagedaze3_0606_0391 copy.jpg

#garbagedaze #calgary #punk #hardcore #artbox #photography #live #garbageoftheworld

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