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Garbage Daze III: Sunday

Last batch of photos from this years Garbage Daze festival in Calgary Alberta. Shot on Sunday June 7th at Verns.

garbagedaze3_0706_0076 copy.jpg

garbagedaze3_0706_0079 copy.jpg

garbagedaze3_0706_0085 copy.jpg

garbagedaze3_0706_0088 copy.jpg

garbagedaze3_0706_0095 copy.jpg

garbagedaze3_0706_0099 copy.jpg

garbagedaze3_0706_0102 copy.jpg

garbagedaze3_0706_0116 copy.jpg

garbagedaze3_0706_0118 copy.jpg

garbagedaze3_0706_0119 copy.jpg

garbagedaze3_0706_0122 copy.jpg

garbagedaze3_0706_0133 copy.jpg

garbagedaze3_0806_0003 copy.jpg

garbagedaze3_0806_0004 copy.jpg

garbagedaze3_0806_0006 copy.jpg

garbagedaze3_0806_0009 copy.jpg

garbagedaze3_0806_0012 copy.jpg

garbagedaze3_0806_0013 copy.jpg

#GarbageDaze #garbageoftheworld #Verns #Punk #Hardcore #Live #Photography

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